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Title of Atari Hardware Hack Page

32KCOLOR.ZIP (E) 32000 Colors on ST - add an extra videoshifter to reach 32K colors, includes instructions and software
BIGMONO.ZIP (E) Big Mono - make your mono screen bigger
ET4000.ZIP (E/G) Connect a ISA SVGA ET4000 to your Mega ST. Great stuff by Torsten Lang
ET4K_GAL.ZIP (E/G) Gal listings for ET4000, courtesy of Torsten Lang
ET4000E.ZIP (E) English instructions and descriptions! By Torsten Lang
FALCADAP.ZIP (E) VGA video adapter for Falcon (even multisync monitors)
MULTISYN.ZIP (E) See low and med rez on SM124 monitor!
NECII.ZIP (E) Connect a NEC MultiSync II to your ST
OVERSCN3.ZIP (E) Increase the resolution in all ST modes (ST only)
RGB2COMP.ZIP (E) RGB to videocomposite converter
SONY_RGB.ZIP [2] Connect a Sony monitor to RGB out
MONITOR.ZIP (I+E) Connect a generic RGB monitor or TV with SCART to your ST
LASCAN35.ZIP (E) Lascan v3.5 - an improved Overscan, great stuff (only for ST)
SM124.ZIP (E) SM124 - Schematic .IMG of SM124 monitor
ST_LCD33.ZIP (G) Fit a LCD display in your ST, with schematic and instructions.
DEAD_MON.ZIP (G) Your Mono monitor is dead? Let's resurrect it!
MONSWITC.ZIP (E) A cable with switch for multisync monitors. Works great! By Vezz

More multisync monitor models that works with ST
VME video card for MSTE and TT

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