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Title of Atari Hardware Hack Page

New URL!!!
Changed server! Now I'm on a very fast universitary server... pages should FLY! Mail me if you spot a broken link or some missing pictures
Again with the 48 channel midi adapter... this project is (C) by Björn Julin, (check here his page) who kindly allowed me to put his project on my pages. This time it's the complete package, with documentation and software driver too. Shame on Oliver Hug who removed the copyright notice from the file! I don't want to see another case like that!!! This page is free, for free, and for your private use. We are hobbyST... remember!
News again! Great stuff this time too... a 14MB ram expansion board (ram section) supplied by Eric McCormack, and the complete project for the cartridge Ultimate Ripper (other section) supplied by Vezz!
This time I found a SCSI controller schematic (lost email... I don't know who sent it sorry!) Need someone that draws a PCB. Drives section, as usual.
Some VERY cool news... A IDE controller (drives section) for your ST... a very nice work from Pera Putnik!
A EPROM programmer (other section) from 27C16 to 27C8001 with software, credits again to Pera!
News news news!!! A lot of contribuitions... thanks guys! But... let's see:
Mach 16, a 16Mhz accelerator with cache, schematics, gal listings... everything!! Many many thanks to Folo! (speed section)
520stm original atari schematics... again, many thanks to Folo :) (docs section)
Some SCSI software... Folo strikes back. :))) (software section)
A real 48 channels MIDI serial adapter! Works with Creator, Notator, Cubase, Pro 24, whatever! Credits DON'T GOES to Olivier Hug who RIPPED THE ORIGINAL COPYRIGHT by Björn Julin! (Shame on you Oliver, don't do that again!)
Whoahhh... all files uploaded... thanks to Freeweb for the 15MB space! Now the mirror at Geocities will be closed.
Heavy redesign of the whole site!!! Atarihacks is alive and kicking!
Quite a lot of work... well you've seen the new grafic design, but most important: all files now are .ZIPped, so easier to handle; they're all stored in my local directory (slow FTP sites... sucks!)
If you spot an error or a broken link... mail me!
Thanks everyone who helped me with this site, and in particular: Branko Badrljica, Martin Graiter, Thxthx, Citizen Smith, Ken Macdonald, Sevin Roland, Dennis McGuire, Peter Hofman, Ginestet...

Please remember: all these upgrades AREN'T FOR COMMERCIAL USE! You cannot make any profit by performing these modification. Where is asked, please, give feedback to the authors.

I will not take any responsability for the contents of these archives. I'm not responsible if your ST turns into a toaster or simply blows up... by the way, a lot of these hacks have been tested on my poor ST and it's still alive... so good chance for yours!

If you have some more hardware hack, PLEASE mail me!

Note: where specified, (I) means Italian language, (E) means English, (G) means German.

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