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Title of Atari Hardware Hack Page

DUAL_TOS.ZIP (E) A dual tos boot eprom kit (1.0/1.04)
MAGROM5.ZIP [0] Magic ROM 5 - Put your MagiC IMG file on eproms
ROM_UTIL.ZIP [6] Rom Utility - Save/Load TOS images
TOS104UP.ZIP (I+E) Upgrade from tos 1.00/1.02 to TOS 1.04, very easy by Vezz
TOS206UP.ZIP (E) TOS 2.06 Update - Fit TOS 2.06 on all ST
TOSEPROM.ZIP (I) Tos to Eprom - Istruzioni per sostituire il Tos DA 2 ROM con TOS a 6 EPROM (Change your 2-ROM tos with a 6-EPROM tos)
TOS2_06R.ZIP (G) A TOS 2.06 board which fits in all STs. Includes GAL listing
4TOS_SWC.ZIP (E) A 4-TOS-switcher! You can have MagiC5 + TOS1.6x + TOS2.06 + SuperTOS at once!  

A way to redefine the dead key below "canc" in all TOSes

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