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Title of Atari Hardware Hack Page

25MGUPGD.ZIP (E) Memory upgrade for ST - uses chips
2600ST.ZIP (I) Di Ezio Querini - Upgrade della memoria a 2.5 Mb (Upgrade to 2.5 megs, use chips)
RAMUPGRA.ZIP (E) Memory upgrade to 2, 2.5, 4MB for all STs (uses SIMMs)
SIMM.ZIP (I+E+G) ST RAM upgrade, uses SIMMs, includes a SIMM board .IMG, the BEST!
FALCMEMC.ZIP (E) Falcon memory connector pinout, to use 72 pin SIMM in your Falcon
16MBRAM.ZIP (E) Partial schematics for a 16MB RAM board for every ST.

A 8,12,14 MB memory upgrade for ST!
A memory upgrade that uses 72pin SIMM

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