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Title of Atari Hardware Hack Page

4JOY_ADA.ZIP (I+E) How to make the 4-joystick adapter for Gauntlet II, Leatherneck
AUDIO.ZIP (E) Add an RCA audio out to your ST
CART.ZIP (E) Cartridge - your cartridge port becomes a 64K parallel R/W device
DEC_KEY.ZIP (E) How to wire a DEC Keyboard to your ST
PGLOVE.ZIP (E) Wire a Power Glove to your ST
VENTILAT.ZIP (D) Turn on the power supply fan only when it's necessary.
MULPRI.ZIP MultiPrinter - an intelligent interface which carry out 4 LPT ports, with software!
TOWTOPIP.ZIP TT Tower - a 1STGuide doc which explains how to put your TT in a tower-case
EPROMST.ZIP Schematics for a Eprom programmer, software included
U_RIPP12.ZIP The Ultimate Ripper v1.2 cartridge, eproms image, manual and scanned board layout

More tech references about STE and Falcon!

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