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Title of Atari Hardware Hack Page

MFP38400.ZIP (G) 38400bps - patch the ST serial port to 38.4Kbps. With .IMG and instructions (in german)
RS232-2.ZIP (E) RS232_2 - add a second serial port, supported by many progs
RSPD_14.ZIP (E) RS-Speed 1.4 - Patch the ST serial port to 115.200 baud
RSVE_1.ZIP (G) RSVE - Patch the ST serial port to 115.200 baud, from the author of HSMODEM
RSVE_ITA.ZIP (I) RSVE - Come costruire il circuito per portare la seriale degli ST a 115200 baud. Questa volta con documentazione in italiano! Compatibile HSMODEM e RS SPEED.
MFP_ZWEI.ZIP (G) How to install a second serial port in your ST
STESCC01.ZIP (G) The ST ESCC project, high speed serial port upgrade
MIDIXTRA.ZIP (E) A 32 MIDI channel adapter, for Cubase & Co.
Includes EXPORT.BIN and MROS3_45.BIN from Steinberg, thanks to Citizen Smith
MIDI48.ZIP (E) A 48 MIDI channel adapter, schematics, driver and documentation, (C) by Björn Julin

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