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Title of Atari Hardware Hack Page

HDSWCH98.ZIP (E) Automatic HD/DD switcher for floppies. Includes ST, Mega ST and STE version. Comes with detailed description and PCB layout ready to print!  
144FDITA.ZIP (I) 1.44 Floppy Disk Drive Progetto Hardware - Come installare un drive HD nel vostro Atari con ".IMG" dello stampato e software PD per il corretto funzionamento
144MEG.ZIP (E) Some informations about Atari and HD drives from Usenet
144_CTRL.ZIP (E) How to install a HD Floppy in your ST/E
IBMDRIVE.ZIP (I+E) IBM Drive - Connect a ST drive to PC a compatible (Come collegare un drive ST ad un PC compatibile)
MEGAFL44.ZIP (I+E) Come installare un secondo Hard Disk nel megafile 44 (How to install a second HD SCSI into the Megafile 44)
SH404.ZIP (E) Connect a second hard disk to SH404 interface
40_80_TR.ZIP (E) How to connect a 5.25" floppy to your ST
BMSHD_IT.ZIP (I+E) Lista degli HD funzionanti su controller "BMS-100/Adaptec 4000" della 'BERKELY MICROSYSTEMS' (A list of fully working hard disks for the controller BMS-100/Adaptec 4000)
RESET.ZIP (E) Modify the reset switch adding a XX seconds delay, so that the HD can get ready
HD_MOD.ZIP (E/I/G) Another HD Floppy Kit, now in English and Italian too, uses a quartz, easy to fit! Includes PCB imgs.
SONY_144.ZIP (E) Replace your 720K floppy with a Sony 1.44MB, by Hallvard Tangeraas (working at 720K)
BTURBO.ZIP (E) Build the Blitz Turbo cable, the super floppy copier!
SCSIMSTE.ZIP (E) Fit two SCSI hard disk in your Mega STE or Stacy
ATARIIDE.ZIP (E) Atari IDE controller schematics and software
SCSICNT.ZIP (E) A SCSI controller for your ST, complete schematics

The schematics of a SCSI controller! Hard disk for all ST users!
A 2.88MB floppy kit

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