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Title of Atari Hardware Hack Page

MACH16.ZIP Mach 16 MHz - Full project and schematics for this 16Mhz board with cache!
16MHZ_ST.ZIP 16 MHz - Accelerate your ST to 16Mhz with this simple little board
CPU_ACEL.ZIP (E) CPU Accelerator - Txt and images (even a calamus CDK) to double the Falcon speed. Cheap and effective.
FPU68881.ZIP (E) Add a 68881 numeric processor to your ST, revised by Djordje Vukovic, includes schematics
TURBO16.ZIP (I) Portiamo gli ST a 16Mhz senza troppi problemi (Layout of a 16mhz board for Mega ST)

A 16/28/33/40/50 Mhz accelerator with cache

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